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Why would a conservative Clinical Psychologist tap on her face as a career?  Because it works & it works exceedingly fast!

Tapping is based on Acupressure (Acupuncture, but without the needles). It is called 'Tapping' as you are tapping on acupressure points. From an Eastern Philosophy, this helps you release blocked energy in your Meridians. From a Western Scientific view, we know Tapping has amazing effects on your brain.

What experts are saying about Dr. Peta Stapleton


Peta is one of those rare gurus who traverses academia, teaching, and therapy seamlessly. A world-leading pioneer, she has an amazing ability to bring research to life.  Let her share the ins-and-outs of this life-changing technique, and discover how it applies to YOU!


Glenn Mackintosh

Weight Management Psychologist


This is the book we have been waiting for - The Science Behind Tapping finally offers the growing body of research behind EFT as well as client stories, in such an easy to understand way. This will definitely be a game changer as more people embrace tapping and want to learn how and why it works so effectively.


Nick Ortner

New York Times Best Selling Author 


Living in such turbulent times, a book of this caliber is desperately needed as we navigate our way through an abundance of self-care techniques.


Kate Helder

Director of Mind Heart Connect


As an Evidence Based EFT for Trauma expert working in post genocide and disaster areas around the world I have anticipated Dr. Stapleton's latest book with great excitement. The Science Behind Tapping is the first book to offer a comprehensive overview of the research that solidly supports the effectiveness of EFT/Tapping as a treatment modality for a vast array of mental health issues including PTSD and trauma. Written in easy to understand language, Dr. Stapleton also includes step by step instructions to use EFT/Tapping clinical and self-care settings. This is a must read book for individuals interested in self-care and self-regulation tools as well as professionals providing mental health, health care, education and humanitarian environments.

Lori Leyden

PhD, EFT trainer, Humanitarian, Peacebuilder, Author


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