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Who Needs More Time? – Dr Peta Stapleton

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Time is an interesting concept – and one I was interviewed on recently at a local level. We all appear to have an internal sense of time (just think how…

How you can have More Energy Everyday! – Dr Peta Stapleton

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This is a favourite topic of mine! It seems to be a natural byproduct of EFT (Tapping) that you increase energy, or feel ‘better’ in general (even if you are…

How Tapping Calms the Body – Dr Peta Stapleton

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I am often reminded of how useful EFT, or tapping, is as a tool to calm the sympathetic nervous system, when it is running out of control. The sympathetic nervous…

An Easy Way to Improve your Memory – Dr Peta Stapleton

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I thought I would share a trick I have been using EFT for – remembering! Not just the ‘tap on my memory issues’ idea – but for everyday things like…

A Simple Way to increase your Self-Compassion Level

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Straight from the source, Dr Kristen Neff, self-compassion  involves acting the same way towards yourself when you are  having a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like  about yourself....